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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 28, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> darya: 7:00 a.m., emergency problem vacations route to hash ak obama on television >> mark: from our roof camera, sunshine around the bay area to start the day. >> darya: happy monday. >> mark: let's get the latest on the forecast with lisa.
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>> louisa: this week it will dominate the forecast were talking about a nice warmup this week starting today continuing threat a good portion of the work week. we will stay dry into the afternoon clearing by the afternoon. we should see lots of sunshine. and then we have a big warmup by mid-week. starting off with your radar, showing you the difference. and who it is dry. temperatures in the '40's, warming up into the 50s. as we head into the afternoon mostly sunny, and temperature for the upper 50s. san jose, concord could warming to the mid-60s. as we head into tomorrow we could see all warming trend as well. continuing with the warmup, but more we could see temperatures warming into the upper 60s.
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originally we thought there would be some sprinkles but at this point it looks like that storm will pass to the north of us. we will probably stay dry but a slight chance into the north bay. your afternoon highs temperatures into the '60s for places like san rosa, napa, fairfield. upper 50s for san francisco and the coast. in the south bay 66 san jose, here's your day. by thursday inland spots could reach the '80s. as we head towards friday, saturday bringing a nichslight chance of rain. >> george: we have been incidents free at the bridge and there has been no hot spots. 7 a.m. there is a modest back up at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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but not yet back up to the first over cross, or the 880. golden gate bridge's problems free, san mateo bridge we have had no windy advisory and i tried deck. that is good news. --dry thadec- . for the nimitz freeway there ride looks good, interstate 680 is to head through will not craiwill not creek. walnut creep continuing further south this and all greer ride looks good
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headed towards fremont and milpitas. >> mark: several bay area cities cleaning up. in capital of their hit pretty hard. floods hit downtown and through trailer park after a pipe sales. (no audio) clea >> craig: cleanup has resumed. they are still trying to dig out from it. we will show you some pictures of what it looked like earlier. stacks of trash, businesses are closed up. businesses have been cleaned out they have removed damage materials. they have lost maybe a million dollars' worth of property. they are trying to
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get federal emergency money to pay for the damages. in the meantime trying to dig out from the problem. we were here thursday and it was muddy and messy. by comparison it was more widespread over the weekend. it done and to businesses and not just messing up the streets. the second wave was far worse than what we saw late last week. this town has taken a real pounding. business owners will continue to clean up the damage here. they are trying to clear of the mud and some of the dreams that have been clogged. --the drains-- >> darya: authorities in vacaville are searching for whoever planted a pipe bomb inside of a newspaper. it exploded when a man picked up
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the newspaper his driveway. >> reporter: this is where the man picked up the newspaper and the bomb went off. it has gotten bigger because investigators dug deeper to gather evidence. the man was in his sixties he was airlifted to a hospital. his son and family came home from hospital sunday night, they didn't want to talk. >> i have no idea i'm sure the police department knows much more than we do. >> reporter: the victim's hand was severely injured and he was bleeding from his leg and head. the man is expected to survive. >> darya: coming up on not kron 4 morning news barry bonds testimony gets a very personal after mistress takes the stand. taking a live look at the james lick in san francisco. a bit of
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>> reporter: this is just been, more americans signed contracts to buy homes in february but still sore and even around the country. the national association of realtors says of the sales index rose about 2.1 percent last month. that is not bad even though economists say the housing market could take years to recover. >> mark: also watching bay area whether one of the coldest months we've seen in quite a while in the upper 30's in fairfield, and napa. mid-40s around the bay but ready for the warm-up with highs near 80 degrees by thursday.
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>> darya: back to court for barry bonds. this week they're calling witnesses including kimberly bell, last week larry bowers took the stand for four hours being grilled. he gave testimony about the human growth hormone and how if you take a can cause changes to your body, the prosecution is trying to point out the feet, hands, heads has grown too to human growth hormone use. >> mark: governor brown special election to keep taxes elevated on certain as they are making a list of a wish list. inverting pensions to 41 k plans, time future state spending to
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inflation, moving the presentheo pursue option aside from getting gop support. >> darya: britney spears teased her fans for three songs and they waited for hours in line.
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>> mark: for the first time and 20 are some of the cable cars will be of service today. >> will: here's the reason why they are out of service until the end of the week. they need to do maintenance work, we are at taylor and bay. this is where the mason-powell line runs. they
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are working double shifts until the end of the week to get this work done. it will be done by the end of the week. the california street line has been out since january and will not be back on-line until june. if you still want on, on a cable car go to the end of fisherman's wharf where the paul-height line is running.paul-height line. lok being done, according to the workers they are on schedule, the reason they have to do this is the one and make it safer for millions of tourists. >> mark: at least business around the bay this week. >> louisa: just hit a gorgeous looking shot from mt. tam. it shows us dry conditions.
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continuing to drive out for today, partly cloudy more sunshine into the afternoon. warming trend continues through a good portion of the week. the evening bringing us breezy conditions. we actually got close to 6 in. of rainfall over the past week. right around the novato area. san francisco and now but, of course of 2 in. of rain in most locations. so certainly ready for things to start drying out. our radar shows dry conditions this morning. it will stay that way through the afternoon as well. temperatures: san rosa, napa, fairfield upper surface. upper 40's and mountainview, san jose, 47 san francisco for the east bay temperatures and to the mid-40s. as we head toward the afternoon we have some origin
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that will warmus up slightly today. we could squeeze out some '80s as we head towards thursday. today in the '60s, getting up to about 64 napa, fairfield, 66 in concord. 66 down to san jose, it is around the coast. here is that 7 day. '70s by wednesday, 80 is on your thursday. also sun shine in store for most of the work week. >> george: we are looking at a good commute. so far we have had no hot spots. your drive to the bay bridge is building to the end of the east parking lot, almost to the media over cross.
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this is the meter and light back up we have been incidents free. heavier traffic on the right hand of your screen which is the westbound direction. your ride to the sierra, much better than it was on thursday, friday. no closures in place right now. u.s. highway 50 has no chain controls. chains are required on 80, 88, highway 4. public transit still doing pretty well, we did have problems last week, thursday, friday but everything is normal this morning. >> brittany! >> darya: it was all about britney spears in downtown san francisco. this line stretched
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for blocks. they waited for her played three songs. car latest cd has been released. >> excited to see her, i've seen her before. >> she is a sensational person. >> i'm super excited. this is our big comeback aware super super, to be here. >> i was hoping you could be of the castro of everybody within dressed up with imperfect. >> darya: it was a lawyer because canadian the castro.
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>> mark: rebel forces are closing in on godowsky's home town that all that was targeted by international air strikes. they were saying they heard bombing in the morning but there's no fighting the streets or any said of rebel forces. the rebel forces are said to miles out of the city right now and advancing. turkey's prime minister says his country will take over the running the country of been gauzy. president barack obama is taking to the airways today to explain the mission and libya. just over a week after ordering some forces to prevent rebels from gaddafi's onslaught. he will say it is essential but stress that nato and allied's are taking over on a mission. military planners say this could last for months presidential address will be carried live on kron 4 exports
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30 p.m. we will leave you with a live look at okay, there we are...
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oh, i am so ready for this recession to be over. >> mark: the economic reports coming lat to. we are continuing with friday's gains. the dow is up 44. >> darya: today is the anniversary of the worst nuclear disaster in united states history. the core of the three mile island nuclear plant near pennsylvania had a partial meltdown. when the crisis ended five days later small amounts of radiation have escaped from the plant. nobody was hurt immediately. the accident is
7:26 am
marked by a vigil every year. this year it is dedicated to japan. >> mark: mark developments out of ohio. a train derailment forcing the evacuation of homes in the era. 100 cars have been forced off the tracks. one of these tankers may be leaking ammonia. in up will take two days as crews continue to work. >> darya: a snake on loose forces them to close our reptile in closure. it is believed to be in an isolated part of the building and it is poisonous. they figure he might be somewhere sneaky. the reptile house will be closed until we find a snake >> mark: we will be right back.
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a beautiful looking day. chilly morning as one of the clear mornings
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>> reporter: north and south carolina are added to the states that are reporting some trace amounts of radiation found from day japan reactor. they say they have to tear it did trace amounts of radiation. experts says there's no risk to public health. >> darya: a double live look around the bay. unless san francisco, on the right in need
7:30 am
sun glasses for the bay bridge. it has been a long time since we needed sunglasses. >> louisa: we have this shot at highway 50. i took go list of the snowfall totals. the snow just came down, feet upon feet in terms of those no-fault totals.snow fall total spirit. n the 30's and '40's. as we head into the afternoon mostly sunny conditions expected. lots of sunshine through the afternoon mid-60's in places like san jose, concord. low sixties for
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oakland, by tomorrow we will warm up even more than at bringing temperatures in to the upper 60s for san jose, our original we thought we might get north bay sprinkles but it looks like it will pass to the north of us. lots of sunshine for the week, warming up bin to the '80s towards thursday. your afternoon highs 644 napa, fairfield, 16 san rafael, 60s down in the south bay. your 70 shows us upper 60s by tomorrow, wednesday '70s, '80s thursday. and then cooling it off by the weekend bringing back a chance of showers saturday. >> george: we discovered there was a stall at the bay bridge, it was on the incline for a while now cleared. that accounts for the shift at the back up. i
7:32 am
wouldn't call it a hot spots yet the bridge is clear in the stall is gone. residual slowing for reaching beyond 880. it is not yet backed up to the macarthur maze spirit this is still a good ride only backed up in the far right hand lane which reaches the open toll lane. this san mateo bridge still a good one although it is heavier in the eastbound direction we have seen this morning. looks good westbound though the volume is building enough that there is a shore we get the toll plaza. volume is picking up on 680 in the southbound direction. on the verge of becoming a hot spot is the 680 ride moving well, when the backs up solid and we see stop and go conditions here, it means it will get heavy through concord and pleasant health.plen
7:33 am
county 101 still uneasy one no big problems or delays there. the south bay has been hot spot three free. >> daryaspot free. >> mark: to flash floods go through. kron 4 is craig has been live in. >> craig: this cash register is destroyed like many other things. this is a sign to the damage in the town. as i pull out you can see the rest of the damage. we will show you pictures of the cleanup it
7:34 am
really picked up heavy today, city crews are road cleaning up mud, cleaning drainage. garbage trucks teaming in trying to get things cleaned up. folks are looking for money from the outside to help them. some have lost up $2 million in terms of value to their property. because of the mud that came through over the weekend. last week there was a problem with the pipe, it it damage some city blocks. this was far more widespread. the help the city will help them draw funds especially of the insurance doesn't cover the damage. we hope to see business owners come out and city crews are busy trying to clean things up as they can for now. >> darya: take a look at these pictures. i mass of boulder tumbles onto this white car is
7:35 am
there francisco over the weekend. residents heard it happen and it came crashing down. in less that a gaping hole. one boulder fell on the car, another one was inches away from another car. neighbors were shaken but nobody was hurt. out of santa cruz, and your shot this yesterday. major flooding, it took away some plants been no significant damage. >> mark: power has been restored in yosemite it was closed for three days as power lines fell and blocked roads. all part services are fully operation with the exception of yosemite valley campgrounds. >> darya: 7:35 a.m. alive look
7:36 am
at tahoe they have clouds and sunshine and plenty of fresh milk.
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>> mark: watching bay area weather, sunshine and temperatures cooler than they have been used to. upper 40's for san francisco mid-40s towards oakland. a big warmup expected this week with highs expecting a decrease by thursday. small mno major stormg up. best days wednesday, thursday, friday. new details we are learning about a man who died in a shooting near san francisco's meat market neighborhood. 23 year-old joshua of richmond was shot and killed. he was taken to the general hospital where he died shortly after shooting. another victim transported to the hospital where he was treated
7:40 am
for non-life threatening injuries. >> darya: a shooting in oakland an officer found him suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. please don't have any details on the shooting. other news we are following consumers spent more in february at the fastest pace in four months. a big increase was because gas prices were so much higher. it rose 0.7 percent last month, personal income went up 0.3%. it is the biggest in nearly two years. both the gains reflect a social security tax cut which boosted take-home pay. >> mark: the pay wall going up at 11:00 a.m. for the new york times web site. those who pay already will be limited. nonce
7:41 am
subscribers can choose from three digital patches from 13 to $35 a month. the home page will remain free for everyone. pediatricians may ask patients whether not their on facebook. that is a recommendation in the new pediatrics. they are looking at health issues including depression from too much social media. they advise talking about on-line use and whether not they are running into problems. >> darya: we will be back with more a couple of minutes. big stories and the weather. let's look at our mount tam cam we haven't seen sunshine and a long time.
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>> mark: authorities in vacaville searching for somebody to planted eight pipe bomb that exploded and injured a man. the man was picking up the newspaper and one of he was airlifted to the hospital serious injuries to his hand but not life- threatening. they are unsure whether he was targeted. >> darya: president barack obama will tell the american public why the military is in libya, what the mission as. a week after ordering forces to protect off rebels from of gaddafi. the president will insist it was essential, he will stress arab allies are taking the lead. the president will address the nation at 4:30 p.m. >> mark: japanese officials warned the radiation is spreading in the sea water, and soil. if workers are trying to
7:46 am
pump out the contaminated water. it could take weeks. the water must remove can safely store before they can continue to report the plant. >> louisa: time right now some 40 6:00 a.m. all look outside from downtown san francisco. blue sky out there, that's how will stay throughout the day today. it is slightly warmer towards the afternoon. continuing with warming trend through the work week. current temperatures in the '40's, '40's and the north bay. as we have temperatures warming in to the mid-60s. places like san jose could warm of the '60s. the east bay will stay in the low 60s. tomorrow we will warm up even more than that highs in to the upper 60s, scored a slight
7:47 am
chance of rain. your afternoon highs in the '60s. 66 for concord. and during your warmer and san rafael. in the state temperatures in the '60s. south bay 66 for san jose, your 7 day around bay, the warming trend into tomorrow upper '60s and '70s by wednesday. then by thursday, we could bring those guys up and the '80s believe it or not. this is certainly beach weather. '70s around the bay, cooling off friday bringing back a chance of rain saturday. some 40 7:00 a.m. let's send it to george. and you're a bit of 580 in the list of direction. the accident here is backing up the
7:48 am
ride coming in from the altamont pass. it will still be sluggish as to wet you, your you were awl pretty heavy it is really this bunching up. interesting situation because the slow traffic extend north but it is moving. is rare we would see it this back up but still flowing in the southbound direction. this is not slowing go. we have heard of no problems or incidents north but of course you'd lose the lead on the north. that is the choke
7:49 am
point. at the bay bridge toll plaza the westbound ride is still slow. the back up 880 is a very good approach to the bay bridge. they did slow the meter lights that we have a stall on the kind for the west bound ride. public transit still enjoying a good ride no problems there. limited service in san francisco on the cable cars. >> darya: 7:49 a.m. i want to show you of kayaking picture here it looks at how high the water is. it looks like these giant tables are tall. they make it look like they are made not of a still material. the water is flooding from heavy rains really covering the area.
7:50 am
official has been releasing more water than normal. a lot of people are worried because that could mean a lot of water and trouble for them. you can see the trouble from there. >> mark: a sailboat collapses killing two people. they rescued two people on board, that eight that were injured were taken to hospital the to the were killed were in the '50s and '60s. a disney cruise line employees missing. she was last seen on the ship on tuesday. that's when the disney wonder left. her parents met with investigators they tried to get it and feed on the hunt for her whereabouts. >> reporter: this is just an epa
7:51 am
has agreed to buy gsi company for $2.3 billion the acquisition will bolster capacity to connect with buyers and sellers around the world. this includes love lot not common. that's just then back to you. >> darya: japanese officials morning their radiation from the plant is spreading to see water and soil. plant workers are racing to pump out contaminated water. that job could take weeks. they have to get the water route, seeking stored before work and continue to read power of the cooling system. new ratings show contamination is a
7:52 am
mile further north than before. that leak may have reached across the pacific ocean to the atlantic coast. rain water in massachusetts has increased radiation. health officials say is likely came from the plant in japan. levels are low and likely to create health problems. >> mark: we will be right back as the morning news continues. not a lot of snow showing up here we have cable requirements on 80 and on tuesday. [ male announcer ] for 5 bucks, you can get a sub.
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>> mark: watching the bay area forecast, in the '60s after a chilly start your morning. it looks like though warm-up starts wednesday, mid-70s. me '80s on thursday, cooling down on the
7:56 am
weekend. >> darya: the queen of taught a mac announcing when her last show will air. it will be seen by millions of over fence may 25th. it will conclude 25 seasons for oprah so far. no word on who the guests will be or what other surprises oprah might have. reese with their spoon says i dreese witherspoon people dog, say. mariah carey aa special delivery. she said on hurt twitter she had contraction and had to go to the hospital
7:57 am
she was able to go home after things got under control. the weekend box office and the family sequel diarrhea of the windy kit came in first. set in place a sucker punch, the previous summer jobs and moving limitless fell to #three. >> darya: we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. barry bonds is back in court this morning. we are live in the court room with interesting testimony. taking this sunny look we haven't seen this for a while. >> mark: we will have the latest in two minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> mark: kron 4 morning news, and james lick in san francisco
8:00 am
sunshine out there. whether big news today. we expect to dryout. >> louisa: we thought you would start off with a shot a 50 admirers. a list of snowfall total spirit heavenly 64, 159 in. in kirkwood this is the entire storm total. squaw valley are around 1 69 in., and squaw valley 81 in.. here's a look right now i your rainfall totals. this is what we have dealt with 3 in. of rain and accumulated in san francisco, 5 in. i3 in. in napa, san francis,
8:01 am
san rosa. today we have a dry forecast. radar shows you nothing popping up. right now your current temperatures 47 san francisco, san rosa about 38, 36 for now, south bay upper 40's. your satellite and radar at this point shows just a few clouds but lots of sunshine into the afternoon. temperatures warming up ever so slightly, continuing with the warm-up mid- week. we could possibly warming up into the 80s as we head towards thursday. afternoon highs today we are warming up slightly mid-60s. 66 san jose, upper 50s have monday, 62 ride
8:02 am
with city and in oakland. 7 day around the bay shows a warming trend and a steady climb in temperatures struck the week. by thursday inland spots could warm into the '80s. >> mark: tracking of hot spot of 580. there is an accident that helped to block the traffic. it slows just pass the 580, 2 80 merge with the heavier traffic through the altamont getting into baltimore. 580 interchanges with 680. some slowing over the dublin great but not too much. still grade south from pleasanton fairly typical this morning. 680 in to san ramon valley into walnut creek, something as up at anomaly traffic is backed up. usually it
8:03 am
is stop and go, we have been checking in the traffic center looking for incidents that six planes this but it is not there. the right into walnut creek southbound is not as bad as usual so it is not a hot spot. your ride to the bay bridge it was slowed earlier with an incident on the incline, that was cleared quickly and the backup has cleared quickly as well. only slow from the middle of the east parking lot. this is great conditions. >> darya: clean-up continues after serious flooding in capet toll of village damage homes and stores have been damaged. there is an emergency proclamation if the water tore through a pipe critical hole beneath the mobile home park. all the water rushed
8:04 am
down in to the town. there we are looking at the cleanup. >> craig: this is symbolic of what we are talking about. this is a cash register destroyed. this is piled up carpets and other things destroyed inside of the buildings during the flooding. here is some of the pictures of the cleanup, work crews have been taking out what is left of the mud. they're trying to get things back to normal. business owners hope the city will be able to bring in some federal dollars to help them recover. some people have lost tens or thousands of dollars worth of property especially those who are using galleries. the hope is that when you see something like this, you see this damage eventually the city can recover. this little town is a tourist attraction in
8:05 am
the summertime. they want to try and get things back to normal >> darya: that is definitely a mess. but unless they have sunshine. >> mark: in vacaville they are searching for somebody who planted a pipe bomb in a newspaper. it exploded as the man picked it up yesterday morning. dahlin has a >> reporter: are. this is where the man picked up the newspaper in the bomb went off. you can see the greater right here. it has gotten bigger because investigators dug deeper to gather evidence. the victim who was in the '60s or '70s was airlifted to a nearby hospital. his son of family came home from the hospital sunday night and they did not want to talk to. >> i have no idea. i'm sure the police department no more than i do. >> reporter: the victim's hand was severely injured, he was bleeding from his leg and head. authorities say the man is expected to survive.
8:06 am
>> darya: 8:05 a.m., a look at the big board. the dow was a. >> reporter: airlines tried to raise prices about $10 per round trip. that attempt has been cancelled. there were several increases scheduled through february but it looks like that will not happen now raising questions about how much people are willing to pay to travel. united and continental pushed for higher fares last week, a los cost to airlines never won along with the increases, so it doesn't look like they will be able to raise their prices either. >> mark: developing story, barry bonds perjury trial. his former mistress expected to testify.
8:07 am
>> will: marked as you can see we are all waiting for barry bonds to rise. he arrives about some 40 5:00 a.m. but he might be running late today. the big witness today is kimberly belton the extra tesx mistress. she sad her she was using steroids. she will testify detailed things about mr. bond's. we will wait and see what happens. the defense says she is upset that bonds is no longer with her, and she has an ax to grind. witnesses not as important as her are scheduled. you can see that black suv, that looks like he has arrived. he has not testified during the first week
8:08 am
of testimony sure enough there he is arriving. all immediate tried to get pictures of him as he walks through. he never says anything to reporters. this is the second week of a month-long trial. >> mark: we have dan inside the courtroom and we'll bring you any details. >> darya: 80 way a.m. we will be right back we are seeing clear skies and let's see what tacos says right now.
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8:11 am
>> mark: witnesses say they heard bombing in the morning been no fighting in the streets or any signs of rebel forces. they are 60 mi. outside of the city right now. turkish prime
8:12 am
minister saying his country will take over the running of the airport in but thought see to facilitate tate the transportation of human nature. president barack obama explaining the military mission in libya. a week after ordering forces to protect rebels from the onslaught. the president and says u.s. is essential, he will stress nato and arab allies are taking over the lead. u.s. forces will play a role in the operation which military planners say could last for months. presidential address to come watch a live on kron 4. we will be right back what the world according to gary.
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>> darya: hi gary. i want to tell you how i found out my
8:16 am
bracket was busted. i was watching the final 20 seconds of the kansas game. i said i'm out. i went to kansas. i happen to be walking in a restaurant, i was leaving my kid looked up and said no no kansas is losing. it said there was 22nd and i so well. >> gray: so now you're moving around. what a big upset. at least you. i'm not as bad as you, this is my job. normally on a weekend you want your kid to grow and say i never saw my dad but boyd did he know about kansas. you have to be cool. i watched almost the entire second half because it was a stunning upset. virginia commonwealth was gonna unprecedented world.
8:17 am
>> darya: they say this is the first time there is not a no. 1 and 2 seed. so i guess that makes me say is this like a super bowl with teams you don't care about forces still exciting? >> gray: it's funny you say that. i was thinking about that last night. it was great yesterday to see in up to like that. now you are the final four. if you have butler playing against a power house, it's more fun, i think at the end of the day big names will. you gun is in the final four. >> darya: i don't know what people don't like about the kentucky coach. everything i read about is a good versus evil. >> gray: they say when he leaves
8:18 am
is a violation. >> darya: he brought three teams to the final four. >> gray: he is lucky enough, he left memphis state, every time he leaves the school is put on probation but they don't find anything on him. it's always somebody else's fault. i think that's why people don't like him. he never faces the music he is lucky enough to leave other people's fingerprints on it. >> darya: to cinderella type darlene's.darling spirit >> gray: you can name one player, of course you can name most players. but kentucky has great talent, kentucky, you gun
8:19 am
is a good game. --yukon--maybe they're not as interesting to watch. >> darya: how interesting was her special? >> gray: i got on, got off and nobody died. sixth >> darya: i think this story is funny. jose >> gray: what happened? >> darya: he has a twin and apparently jose they pay for the hard rock $5,000 up front. when he showed for the fight we give you did a 5000. he apparently sensed his brother who looks enough like kim then nobody really recognizes. they gave the brother the check and they
8:20 am
asked if he could have the money in cash. he took up a shirt and he didn't have their tattoos. >> gray: did he give the money back? >> darya: they didn't want a give the money back. i think they have to cancel the check. >> gray: sad stuff. always been in trouble and that's what people at bond's camp, and mcguire says. it all begins with an seko. >> gray: i thin >> darya: >> gray: recombine desperate and stupid that's what you get. the brother was a good natured guy.
8:21 am
i'm a sucker for anyone who was pleasant. he never did anything wrong. he's been wandering around. it is a shame. why the hell for $5,000 would to get mixed up in that. >> darya: it's so sad to. lastly i want bring this up. the world cup is coming. it is hot so what they are doing in 2022 they are creating a hovercraft. is helium field and it has schroeder's it will drift over the nine stadiums for foshade. >> gray: i'm sure kron was going to send me there. without the
8:22 am
shade of is when the fight them. >> darya: what was gonna go there with a fan interest in you. >> gray: you might be allowed to go. >> darya: we will talk to you later gary. a 20 2:00 a.m. we will be right
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 news. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. by year thursday might start to see seventies. details coming up. >> george: tracking the ride at interstate 680 a hot spot, it is already starting to improve. the traffic jams picked up just a bit in the last few minutes look at this reaches all the way from alamo. >> mark: thank you, after months of negotiations with a lot of governor brown's
8:26 am
special negotiation is uncertain. republicans want things in exchange for the votes on brown's plan. the wish this covers a broad range of proposals. its features run into inflation and moving the presidential primary to march rather than june. democratic legislative leaders announcing they're ready to pursue all options to close the budget aside from gop support. >> darya: 8 look at national news, today's the anniversary of the worst nuclear disaster in united states history. it was 32 years ago today that the core of the three mile island nuclear-power plant had a partial meltdown. when the crisis ended five years later--five days later. the accident is marked each year by of ritual, this year it's dedicated to the victims of
8:27 am
japan's earthquake. >> mark: a train derailment this morning forced evacuations during about a hundred cars off the tracks. officials are really concerned about one of these tank cars that may be leaking ammonia. a midget to the officials estimate it will take a few days to clean up. >> darya: a snake on the loose forces the bronx zoo to close. it's a 20 into poisonous state make that turned up missing. --a stake--poisonous stake snake. the reptile house is closed until he comes out. >> justine: breaking news, this just into the kron 4 news, facebook is in talks to hire robert gibbs he was president obama is former press secretary. the talks still in the early stages, a
8:28 am
looks like he could take on the senior role to help manage the relations. obviously negotiations are ongoing. talks are in a very early stages, no formal offer. it is possible that these discussions could collapse. he left after two years of the white house. >> mark: that would be some job for mr. gibbs he would certainly crash in there. a live look outside as we're watching conditions all around the bay. mount tam mission in the clouds in the distance. later we're gonna ride bikes and go to the -- [ male announcer ] wonderful! let's see what yiayia thinks. are you two married? um, no. but you living together, ah? yeah. you are going to hell. [ male announcer ] don't worry, kids. at least yiayia approves of you eating athenos greek yogurt. mmmmmm! because athenos is made the traditional greek way,
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8:30 am
>> darya: a live look, not a cloud in the sky. that is the first time we can say that in weeks. >> louisa: certainly a different pitcher to start your morning off. a pretty nice picture at that. a few
8:31 am
clients that their lives abrasives sunshine into the afternoon. clearing more into the afternoon warmer today, that we were yesterday at big warmup comes by mid-week. i think you'll like those temperatures. strong tracker, pretty looking picture we're dry to start the day that is how we will stay. temperatures in the 40's. 37 to napa valley. 39 on view. satellite, radar shows a bit averaging. a slight warm up that will continue to the week. temperatures continued to skyrocket. jumping up and to these as we head towards thursday. today stang entities, '70s topping a bid to the mid-60s. 66 for concord, 62 oakland. this up they could form to 66 for places like los daughters, san jose. here is a look at
8:32 am
your 7 day around the bay. walked the nice little warm- up. '70s by your wednesday, there is that magic number coming 80 degrees. '70s around the bay, cooling off slightly as we head towards the end of the week. next chance of rain saturday. george? >> george: tracking some hot spots westbound, got backed up about 35-40 minutes ago an accident westbound. it is still quite has th heavy. the rt coming in from the altman was backed up, it is still slow from there. even worse had to livermore. that's take a little pressure off the debt and interchange but 680 southbound is a little heavier. the right toward walnut creek on interstate 680 also still a hot spot, take a look at this is set
8:33 am
bound red pretty well backed up from before the south main street exit which ec of to the right-hand side. its bad debt from before they're all the way down toward the alamo. we have been incidents free in the valley but unusually heavy back up. especially for the last several days. this is the were susie in awhile. lima links derleth the westbound rad is completely cleared about, there had been one stall which backed things up to west grand avenue it did not state a very long. the back up did not stay with us for long either. the westbound to be looks great. >> mark: thank you, several bay area cities are cleaning up, capitola was the hardest hit. they swept through the downtown area and in neighboring trailer park after a pipe burst. craig sklar is there watching the cleanup efforts. >> reporter: have a lot to
8:34 am
clean up this is a typical pile of trash that's out on the streets, things like brooms, current bids, lots of carpets, since that time ground level where the water certainly got a lot of damage in. symbolically this crash register. as symbol of the lost business to the area. you can see the cleanup process that is once again resuming today as it has over the weekend. city crews cleaning up must come a drainage, things like that so they can get things back to normal. businesses, they have a rather moldy smell inside. a lot of dishearten business owners were very concerned on whether not there will be able to recover. one business owner is going to meet with his insurance company today. they're hoping that officials can get federal money to help save their
8:35 am
businesses and pay for the money to repair the drainpipe. there's a lot of work to be done. they're hoping to get things up and running in time for the summer. some of those businesses run-up to over a hundred thousand dollars and more. especially those with the expense of our work. there's no set shortage of those in this town. the ego, you can see this pile of trash this is an example of some of the things that been dumped on the record. >> mark: thank you, darya? >> darya: take a look at these pictures of landslides it set a boulder tumbling. look how giant these rocks are. two big ones, there is where one of them left the hillside. you can see the whole. this is a long 10th ave. one bowlder fell on that white car. the other inches away. the neighbors
8:36 am
were shaken up. they heard that there were not hurt. video at a santa cruz, of your shot this is today from his iphone. you can see the mud, water, some neighbors loss plants. otherwise there is no significant damage. >> mark: power is finally back in yosemite national park the part closed for three days as parlance well, trees blocked roads. buildings where forced to go off of our emergency generators. >> darya: barry bonds will be back in court today part of his perjury trial kron4 is will tran is life outside the courtroom, seeing what's going on. who's on stand today? >> the key witness will be the exit mistress. not only will barry bonds be back in court he is already here, he wrapped in a 5:00 a.m.. here's video we got him. --
8:37 am
he arrived at 8:05 a.m.. his body will be on trial more or less because his ex witness will testify how there were changes to his body including temples to his back among other things. they will bring in mike murphy who is the equipment manager who's been with the team since they relocated at to new york apparently he will also testify how his hat size went up one size during the course of this steroid area. he is supposed to take the stand to talk about changes to bear his body. much more on this, i am outside monitoring anyone going in and out. kron4 is the increment is inside as well. >> darya: we'll find out
8:38 am
what happens, we have i legal experts inside the courtroom to give us his take on it as well. >> mark: that jones closing up 50 on friday at 13 to 12,000 to three for a big news with ebay who's agreed to by g a s i commerce for $2.4 billion. their stock jumped from $19 to $29 a share up 50%. e b has down on the news almost two napa% to $30.92. we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues after the break, live looks around the bay area's sunshine there's a few clouds but clef as eric here clearing. --clouds are clearing.
8:39 am
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8:42 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. clutching storm tracker 4 all quiet, chilly morning temperatures in the city's rain now call this inland spot starting to hit the 40 degree in plant mark. >> darya: president obama is going to explain the military mission in libya this comes after gunfire and violence directed a day after nato announced it is taking control. craig black has the latest. >> reporter: the sounds of explosions, the indoor roller. rebels took control of two key cities. opposition members from waved american and libyan flags. the u.s. will not be leading the mission moving forward on sunday nato announced it will take over all military operations. >> where are the invoicing
8:43 am
the no-fly zone. we will go beyond with today's decision. we'll acting in close coordination with our international and regional partners. >> reporter: it will allow the current coalition to stand down. that may please some legislators who criticize president obama for the u.s. involvement. former secretary or of state madeleine albright believes he made the right move. >> i think he handles it very well, things were happening on the ground in libya. people are being killed. gaddafi himself had said he was going to slaughter everyone. we had international support. >> reporter: the first set is to take charge of the no- fly zone great black reporting. >> darya: facing mounting criticism over the purpose
8:44 am
the president is going to address the nation in a live talk this afternoon for 30 p.m. you can watch it right here on >> mark: a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m..
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> louisa: welcome back to the kron 4 news. starting off with a shot of all the fuss is snow, highly 50 we have a list of the totals, through the pass army had. alpine 95 heavenly 64 kirkwood 15 9 in. norstar 72 squall 169 shrivel 81 in. of fresh news now in terms of the rainfall totals we got quite a bit of that as well.
8:48 am
seven days san francisco topped 3 in. of rainfall. closer to that 6 in. mark. santa rosa, napa above 3 in. most talked to inches of rain over the past seven days. storm tracker 4 is not showing anything on the radar starting off dry. staying johnny in the afternoon 47 san francisco upper 40's and mountain view. slowly starting to warm up we do have a slight bridging that means temperatures will warm up compared to where they were yesterday continued that trend rate on to the week thursday f u 80 readings believe it or not. they will be really pleasant forecasts. afternoon highs staying in the '60s. 59 degrees in downtown san francisco. temperatures
8:49 am
around 66 degrees for san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. what this little warming trend for tomorrow we want the upper 60s. edie's on your thursday. after that will lead off. chance of rain come the weekend. >> george: we have not cool that often the traffic department still still tracking 680 as a hot spot. we could see a rapid improvement year especially right after nine when they left the carpool lane restrictions that usually means things will pick up for the 680 ride out of walnut creek. the heavy traffic last beyond alamo and into danville. it is a reference commute than usual. there ride on interstate 680 pardon me 580 been had been a hot spot but it is much improved. still
8:50 am
sluggish for your trip to pleasanton heading toward snow. san francisco, your ride across town freeways, to the south and chains like is a much lighter than usual ride haven't seen any of the usual congest and that we normally find. your ride to the bay bridge, westbound is a great one hardly any backup. from time to time it gets low in the middle lanes. >> mark: thank you, consumer spending is up in february it was the pass--fastest pace in four months. consumer spending was up and personal income if you look good the numbers commercial income was up because of a temporary cut in social security tax. most people are paying a lot more for gasoline which is why consumer spending was up. the dow jones is up 21
8:51 am
points. >> darya: officials are warning the radiation from the power plant is spreading to see water and soil. plant workers are racing to pump out the radioactive levels. they have to get that water out and safely stored before they're working continue to reap power of the regular cooling system. new readings show contamination has spread about a mile for their. the new killer week may have reached all the way to the u.s. atlantic coast. rainwater in massachusetts has been found to have increased levels irradiation. the state health department says it likely came from the nuclear-power plant. they are unlikely to cause health problems because the levels are low. radiation has also been found in the carolinas and florida. another earthquake struck japan,
8:52 am
triggering a tsunami advisory. look at the shaking. then the advisory comes up. this is all the coast of japan's largest islands. it is the same one that took the brunt of the 9.0 quake. that tsunami alert was only the advisory for japan not the u.s.. >> mark: that pay well is going out for users at 11:00 our time. users to do not subscribe to the printed newsletter will be limited on how much content vacancy for free. nonce subscribers want to get one of three pavement hands. --payment plans. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
8:56 am
>> darya: they love brittany and they were willing to wade in some cases camping out overnight. three blocks it stretched from the free show piper any spears. not really a full concert just turn a plain three songs to promote the release of her latest cd. the fans seem satisfied though. >> and really excited to see her she has been sensational for all of us. >> i'm super excited to see her she has been at the scene for so long. so many people have been talking so much about her. >> i am really pumped, i'm really excited. everyone would of been dressed up. >> darya: don't you hate
8:57 am
that when you show up with a pink wake and no one else has one on. they thought play it safe, the weather had been bad. everyone enjoyed it indoors. the box office has a new winner, that rate of eight would-be kid to a $24.2 million. second place sucker punch, 19 million, last week's top movie which was limitless fell to #three making 15.2. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. taking a live look years ago to break walnut creek, a lot more company.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> darya: 90 a.m., a big
9:00 am
star is, when nation has been issued in the wake of some major flooding and damage. a live report coming up. >> mark: authorities are searching for as suspects to put a pipe bomb in the newspaper. >> will: barry bonds will not testify at his body will be on trial. >> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. >> mark: thank you, for a journalist on the sunny monday, march 28th. >> darya: we're getting a break from the rain how long will last? >> louisa: it will last for quite some time in fact this forecaster very, very different than the last few weeks, temperatures warming each day this week. that into the 80s in some spots.
9:01 am
today san francisco, 47 degrees should jump at 10 degrees by noon. high- temperature 59, back down to 50 degrees by endicott. radar, very different, no green on your radar this morning just dry. that is how we will stay. 47 degrees at san francisco, san jose 49, 44 for livermore. as we take it to the afternoon mostly sunny, warm in to the mid-60s and some of the warmer spots, 66 degrees for san has said, 65 concord. tuesday, warming up even more than that. there's a slight chance of maybe a few north bay sprinkles, that system shifting to the north. still a little bit of clout cover for tomorrow, midweek all of that son
9:02 am
trent crops cultivate. --all of that sunshine grabs hold of the bay. we'll keep in low 60s are on the immediate bay, coast line 57 for half moon bay, 66 in san as a. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., a nice warmup, a step up those temperatures. '70s wednesday, '80s thursday. george? >> george: a new hot spot on the nimitz, southbound as you head towards the oakland airport. you'll be snagged by this emergency road work, is likely a pavement problem, it is southbound at embarcadero road. they have to lanes shut down. with heady been slow traffic in the northbound direction.
9:03 am
the red on 680 southbound, as expected it is starting to improve. rather quickly. at 9:00, then lifted the car pool restrictions. take a look at the maps, the slow traffic has just been in the southbound direction it is lasting all the way down to danville. the back up usually is dense from the corner road. we will finish with a look at your ride at the bay bridge westbound, then they're really nicely. no longer any back up or delay. for while it was slow from was grand. darya? >> darya: the cleanup continues from some serious flooding in capitola, homes, businesses were damaged. we talked about this on kron4
9:04 am
last week when the water tore through a type creating a hole in the grant rushing down a hell into the village. craig sklar has been there alive, taking a look at the piles of junk, damaged carpet that now needs to be moved out. are they making progress? >> reporter: yes. that app to work on piles of trash, lots, lots of carpets those were on the floor when the water came through. they're there for us to go. other things like this register, merchandise lost in all of that mess. we'll show some pictures of that kind of damage done, basic structure, dry wall that to be torn out and replaced. the merchandise, it's not just businesses, rentals the occasional rental like this, they have to be shut down. the floods were living
9:05 am
here are hoping they can get some federal help, outside help. some people, some businesses are suffering from. hopefully they will get that in the meantime they're cleaning up the mud, drainage systems. so what they're some business owners that tummy that is pretty bad, malta, they hope things get better soon. -- moldy. >> lots of mud, lots of using. at all came up from everywhere. >> reporter: she loans to businesses one was badly damaged another one was not it was an arbitrary thing some businesses not bound damage to badly. they're hoping they can get their insurance companies to help or federal help. whatever they can get to get back into business.
9:06 am
>> darya: sometimes you need a separate writer that covers your for floods, tune of a lot of people have that? >> the women use of their does not have flood insurance she wow! to find another way. there are others facing the same situation not everyone was prepared for this. it >> mark: watching the effects of the storms here mudslide in san pablo officials declaring this area as state and local emergency the hell is continuing to slide many neighbors are afraid. more trees are expected to be removed today. since some in the mud slide area are now pointing further down the hill. another story, baulking court for barry. the former slugger is attending the perjury trial today. will tran is live outside the courthouse he was there when barry bonds walked in. >> will: the giants' manager
9:07 am
has just left apparently took the stand did not say very much the reason he was here is because supposedly he will testify to changes to barry bonds is hot size. it did not take ran on, perhaps we do at video of him are arriving and leaving. he is not the star witness. here's video of barry bonds are arriving to the court house. once again did not talk to reporters he will not take the stand his ex mistress will take the stand. she will start to changes to barry bonds his body including temples on his back among other things but the defense attorneys they will try and discredit her saying she is just angry that barry bonds is no longer with her. she probably will be here for only today and then she will leave but it could be a key component of the case
9:08 am
because they want to prove during this whole era that his hat size changed his feet got bigger, is in and got bigger we will have to wait and see this trial is expected to last for weeks. >> darya: 9:08 a.m., coming up president obama is taking to the airwaves to explain the military mission in libya we will have the details coming up.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>> darya: nominee and taking a peek, clear skies, it was chilly rain now it's 47 degrees we're looking for a high of 59. the latest that the middle east, rebel forces are closing in on gadhafi's home town. >> mark: the town was targeted for the first time by international air strikes witnesses say they get here bombing in the morning. they haven't seen any signs of rebel forces. take a look of
9:12 am
this video, a libyan tv showing live footage of gaddafi in a car in his compound or hundreds of supporters waving flags and chanting slogans slogans. the state-run television station say the libyan leader was inside. he has not been son since he made a speech last tuesday. president obama is taking to the air ways to explain the military mission just a week after ordering u.s. forces to protect rebels. president obama is delivering with the incest will be the essential mission. he will also stress that allies are taking the lead. u.s. forces will continue i roll in this operation. the president's address will be carried live here for 30
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. a prominent newspaper exploded, this happened on the circle, authorities say the man picking up the newspaper, when a pipe bomb went off, he was airlifted to the hospital reports that he has extensive damage to his hand but his injuries are not life-threatening. police are unclear whether this was a random attack or the man was targeted. bay area weather, we are talking about a forecast with the warm-up and a lot of rain, snow and the sierra. >> louisa: absolutely coming here's a look at storm tracker 4 showing a strike conditions it will stay that way, right now your current temperatures in the '40's, 49 down and to mountain view also san jose. satellite, radar shows a
9:17 am
warm up slightly for today, even more into to mop and the same pattern is going to continue mid-week. thursday we could one temperatures up and some of the inland spots up to 80 degrees. it will certainly be a very different looking forecast. afternoon highs 64 santa rosa, napa, 66. temperatures around the bay low 60s, 66 after noon high. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. each day this week we warm up to mark, upper 60's, '70's by wednesday, lots of sunshine in will stick around for a good portion of the workweek. a decrease on thursday, friday cleaning it up just a bit. - 17 a.m. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> george: as we get a look at some hot spots, the first of which is the nimitz, it
9:18 am
is in the southbound direction if your coming out of san francisco, berkeley, emeryville even downtown oakland try and get to the airport and a big traffic jam even affecting 980 heading down towards the nimitz. they have to elaine shut down at 23rd, the two right lanes because they're doing emergency road record -- lanes. that back up will be with us for awhile. bear in mind if you have a flight to catch, that will affect your trip to the airport. give yourself an extra 30 minutes for the traffic conditions. that's an extra 30 minutes for that ride just to be on the safe side. 680, south bound, that had been a hot spot but is no longer. things have cleaned out nicely. another hot spot, south bay, here in cupertino. in a setback
9:19 am
direction heading of cupertino into downtown there was a accident set bond at saratoga, the crash had been out there the better part of the morning. it took till late in the commute for the backup to clear. northbound 85 still heavy up toward sunnyvale. the 101 connection. your ride to the bay bridge is an easy one, no problems for the westbound commute. awhile. that back up is long gone. let's go to the newsroom, here's the latest. >> justine: officials had detected plutonium in the soil outside the new killer power plant. it is a key ingredient used to make nuclear weapons. it was found in five locations which have been leaking radiation for two weeks. the amounts are very small, not consider risk to public health even so experts had
9:20 am
expected to find traces of plutonium once they began searching for earlier this week. >> darya: thank you, the japanese officials are warning radiation from the nuclear-power plant is now spreading to this url in the soil. workers at racing to pump up the contaminated water that is sending the levels of. that could take a week, too, more. they have to do that before they can work to continue to be power plant's cooling system. new reading showed contamination has spread about a mile farther north of this site than before. the new killer recap lead may have reached all the way to the u.s. atlantic coast wil. it likely came from the plant in japan they say the levels are very low, unlikely to pose a health problem they will continue their testing for days. >> the same coastline that
9:21 am
took the brunt of the 9.2 magnitude quake, been no reports of any injuries or damages. >> darya: >> mark: we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes, i want to take a peek at the wall street numbers, the big bloated, the dow is up 18 points. we will be back in a few minutes.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> darya: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. above and the road slate chance of showers on tuesday temperatures bump up wednesday, thursday we're looking at mid-upper '70's even 80 on thursday to hurdle sunny skies, myth fed
9:25 am
looks terrific. and then, a chance of rain on saturday temperatures dip down. >> mark: consumer spending is rising fastest pace in four months the, say it rows 0.7%. personal incomes while at 0.3%. if you look at the numbers personal income was only up because there was a social security talks to are correct. consumer spending was up because gospel of the unofficial philip >> darya: 1 american fund to get homes. not enough to signal a rebound, the national association of realtors say to its index for previously occupied homes rose 2.1% loss month. economists say will be years before the housing market fully recovers. >> mark: big business story, san jose based ebay is agreeing to bite yes i
9:26 am
commerce. for $2.4 billion the acquisition will bolster its capacity to connect buyers and sellers around the world they're paying $29 from 255 per share imbibe$29.25 per share. tc shares were jumping this morning, he is hoping to complete the deal by the third quarter. >> darya: the jobs outlook for the bay is getting a little bit brighter. be the midd ceos expressed confidence, is three points higher than the survey last year according to data collected and frederick, march 41% of companies that employed more than 45 people expect to hire new employees. 42 percent of companies that apply more than 50 people the smaller
9:27 am
ones, expect to be hiring two. >> mark: state news, after months of negotiation the fate of governor brown's special election is uncertain. the gop is releasing a list of 50 they said they want. it covered a broad range of proposals including converting public. democratic lemmas staters are now saying they're ready to pursue options outside of trying to darner gop support. >> darya: and we will be back with more and a few minutes a big story is unfolding this morning test the knetestimony is resuming this morning for the barry bonds trial, will is out that, dan is inside, we'll have
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. fact court
9:30 am
this morning for a former giants slugger barry bonds if the trial resumed just about an hour ago, wheelchair and is then live with more, what is going on? >> will: right now bonds is xmas0 stress is on the stand she will testify about mental and physical changes to barry bonds. barry bonds arrived around 80 5:00 a.m., he entered the courtroom, without talking to reporters. he will not take the stand, probably will not during this trial. but his body will be on trial because bell, among other people will talk about some of the changes. the giants' equipment manager took the stand talking about how barry's hat size went up. prosecutors want to say because his head got bigger, that is one indicator he was using steroids. bell is the star witness today, she's
9:31 am
currently on the span talking about having met in 1994, nine year relationship. they will talk abut tully head back at me, that's another indicator of he was allegedly using steroids. much more on kimberly bell's testimony today. i'm outside monitoring the situation. if they come up perhaps we will talk to the attorneys. we also have kron4 us dan kerman inside treating the very latest. >> darya: thank you, mark? >> mark: bay area weather starting to dry a little bit. >> louisa: drying out a lot, lots of sunshine out there still seen some sunshine and clouds. those temperatures continue to skyrocket, we're talking about a huge warm-up by the midweek. temperatures in these believe it or not.
9:32 am
into the afternoon it will be pleasant today. storm tracker 4 area's starting off try this morning. that is how it's going to stay. temperatures renown the '40's, for monday, san jose. satellite, radar shows a bit of raging, as it does this temperatures will warm up slightly today. that trend continues rate keep their work week, each day we see a steady climb in those temperatures topping it out on thursday, bringing in some 80 degree readings. your afternoon highs will stay into the '60s. upper 50s in downtown san francisco. keeping most of the temperatures around the media paid to the low 60s, the coastal law into the 50s. places like san jose, los gatos warming to about 66. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. looks good, watch it go up every day. '70s by wednesday,
9:33 am
thursday '80s. an abundance of sunshine over all. this is something we haven't talked about in quite some time. absolutely not watch out for some of the systems that we have seen. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> george: we're still checking hot spots, first the nimitz freeway where two lanes are shut down southbound, this is near fort phil, 23. it's the two right lanes that are shut down for a emergency road work. it is balling up the southbound truck, also the right here westbound on 980, it's backed up to 12. this is really affecting traffic coming at oakland, berkeley, san francisco. but direction of the nimitz freeway leading to the airport are pretty heavy. another new hot spot, this
9:34 am
time for the south bay, northbound-800, eight s i g alert has been issued. it blocks all but the right- hand lane. initial reports labor going to try and move this to the right shoulder, a looks as though the injuries are serious and i have that they have not been able to clear lanes. coming up of campbell heading down towards oakland, a perth milpitas and looks as though we have a big snake. it is usually slow to this. anyways, it could back up pretty badly. over to the bay bridge, westbound, very light conditions. no problem as he moves towards the toll plaza. that is good news. san francisco, across town freeways inbound central is light, no delays. heading towards the airport, you
9:35 am
will have an easy 16-19 minute trip. >> mark: thank you, several bay area cities and cleaning up after the storms, a topical is one of the hardest hit city council has issued an emergency proclamation. they swept through the downtown area and the neighboring trailer park after a pipe burst. kron4 is craig sklar has been live falling the cleanup. >> reporter: this is the main intersection, it looks pretty good, all the water, mud is gone. a closer look shows you a lot of this, a lot of wreckage, runs from people's businesses. a lover or rolled carpet, it has been wrecked, the register, a broom, a lot of merchandise. he see this up and down the streets. here's more pictures of the damage, everything from the basic dry wall, 3 ft. of water causing damage to the walls,
9:36 am
carpets, merchandise. all sorts of problems up and down the street. it is causing a lot of business owners concerned, some of them do have insurance, they don't have the right kind, flood insurance. as one owner explains there's really no chance of getting it in the first place. >> it's a flood zone, you can get it. you can get any flood insurance down here, because it was not a natural flood we might be allowed to make the claim. just for the interior. >> reporter: beyond that they're hoping that maybe the city can get some federal funding to help them out otherwise some business owners tummy they do not know what they're going to do their last chance, thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise. they are hoping as the clean this up there's some limbo at the end of the dark storm. this town has been hit twice in one week. this second bit of damage
9:37 am
was the worst of all. we will see what happens as time goes on. whether not these people can be ready for the summer season. >> mark: this is a storm drain pipe they gave way? >> reporter: yes, that would cause the city a million dollars loan just to replace. that is something the city is looking to try and find money for. that's an expensive repair. this is a small town. it has been ruptured. >> mark: thank you, for the update. >> darya: car has been restored to yosemite national park after a week long as storm related to outage. the park was closed for three days as power lines fell, trees pocked roads. there were forced to rely on back up generators. all services are fully operationa with the we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. kfc's $5 everyday meals.
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>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. president barack obama is about to address the nation this evening. sander and the house the latest. >> reporter: facing criticism from lawmakers on both side president barack obama is said to explain his decision to engage u.s. military forces in the conflict in libya. this speech tonight is expected to lay out why it was necessary to join the coalition to protect civilians from gaddafi. i mention nato is now assuming control over. >> our mandate is very clear, we're there to protect civilians, no more, no less. that will be our focus. >> reporter: president barack obama said he hoped out to gaddafi from power their main focus on in no-
9:42 am
fly zone. not the removal of the libyan leader. critics say the president did not consult congress enough over the decision to engage. lawmakers also question the cost. >> i think he needs to tell a story to trace the immense and the time of the protest up through the porch backed by gaddafi, the fear of skill of command and herring prices why he chose to go. why he did not occur, why he did not get the cars. >> reporter: u.s. involvement will remain clear, focus, limited. but still there's no word on how long the offer or last. -- that effort will last. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. the big weather story today is all of the sunshine, a checked it out at the bay bridge approach, oakland is 46 degrees, high of 62 by
9:43 am
thursday will be easy. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. [ male announcer ] you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity. turning your life upside down in a matter of seconds. hi. hi. you know i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock. lifelock is the leader in identity theft protection. relentlessly protecting your personal information to help stop the crooks in their tracks before your identity is attacked. protecting your social security number, your bank accounts, even the equity in your home. i didn't know how serious identity theft was until i lost my credit and eventually i lost my home. [ male announcer ] credit monitoring alone is not enough to protect your identity, and only tells you after the fact, sometimes as much as 60 days later.
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9:46 am
>> darya: a quick recap of the stories, the perjury trial of former giants slugger barry bonds nizam's at a their the ham bonds will most likely not take the stand but his physical image is the topic. his former mistress took the stand around 9 of 5:00 a.m. testifying about physical changes that she sign in bonds, and back acne, the falling out of his hair. >> mark: 30 san vacaville looking for suspects who planted a pipe bomb. the man was picking up a newspaper from his driveway, he was airlifted to the hospital.
9:47 am
although there non-life threatening police are unclear whether this was random are the man was targeted. >> darya: officials have detected plutonium outside of the power plant in japan is a decree ingredient in nuclear weapons it was found in five locations. the amounts are very small, not a risk to the public, they expected trees is to be detected once they began searching for. >> mark: we getting reports from the fire department they're responding to reports of some manhole covers that had been blown off. crews have quarter dropped the area pacific gas and electric company is responding we have a reporter on the way. a live report coming up. in the meantime, the weather, big warmup on the way. now, here is a look at the weather. >> louisa: here is a look
9:48 am
at the snowfall totals for the entire storm that pass through this past week, alpine 95, heavenly 64, the accord 159, norstar 72, 169, 81 sugar bowl. this is enough to simply give a good ski season strong tracker is dry for once, this is how we will stay throughout the day we will keep it dry, warm up slightly. we're already seeing temperatures warmed to the '60s 54 oakland, 52 degrees for mound you looks like we're still in the 40's in places like santa rosa, napa. but the afternoon we got a lot of reading that would give is a slight warm up for today. the warming trend continues straight to the rest of the week you could be warming up into the '70s even bring edie's into the picture by year
9:49 am
thursday, this is speech weather. temperatures, and the afternoon 64 for santa rosa, napa, also in to fairfield. 66 for concord. temperatures thing in the low sixties around the bay holding on to the '50s by the coast. what this here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. is really nice looking, upper 60s to mars '70s by wednesday thursday some eighties around some of the warmer inland spot '70s around the bay,: of slightly as we haven't your friday chance of rain by the weekend. >> george: we are tracking a major hot spot here in the east bay the nimitz freeway its emergency road work. it has the two right lanes shut down, it is backing up traffic almost to the ride of the lower deck of the bay bridge. it has been bought up, the 980 connector ramp
9:50 am
is backed up coming of the maze. heading down towards the nimitz. a major snag the chest down to lanes of the freeway, it's not expected to reopen for another 2.5 hours. erika will be keeping you updated to the rest of the broadcast. the north and 800 red, not a lot better, this is going to affect your heading towards the oakland airport. coming up of downtown oakland, san francisco, we were talking about increasing your drive time by about 30 minutes, then it could be an optimistic estimates. you might want to think instead about using interstate 580. again, i the extra time for the detour. another hot spot, says bay, the
9:51 am
conflicting reports on whether the city alert is northbound or set up front. we haven't reported in both directions, it is likely that it is southbound because there is a buy back up and not that reaches from north of 101. it is doubtful that a mere caperton block produced that kind of but that. delays here for 800, you might want to lose the guadalupe parkway instead or just use the 280 680 is an avoid 800. mark? >> mark: a sailboat capsized two people are dead, eight injured authorities say it happened yesterday afternoon in the west end of show to island. you can see the police but is circling. they were taken to hospital, two men were killed when their
9:52 am
50s, when in their 60s the cause remains under investigation. a disney cruise line employee is missing. she was last seen on tuesday, that's when the disney wonder ship was leaving kabul san lucas. her parents met with investigators collected from belongings and try to get an update on the search. the u.s. coast guard and the mexican navy also involved in >> darya: the search. today is the anniversary of the worst disaster in u.s. history. the club of the three mile island nuclear- power plant had a partial meltdown when the crisis ended five days later relatively small amounts of radiation escaped, and no one was immediately hurt. it's marked each year by a vigil. this year it's dedicated to the victims of japan's earthquake and tsunami. a train derailment forced evacuations of homes in ohio. it through nearly
9:53 am
100 cars of platonic one tank car is caring among their concerns that one could be leaking. emergency officials estimate this could take two days for the cleanup. >> mark: a snake on lists of forcing his duty clause close its reptile house. it is believed to be in an isolated part of the building because snakes are not comfortable in open places. the reptile house will remain closed until the snake is found. >> darya: bay area bargains a live look of seven san jose a little bit of wind is shaking the camera. it is 49 degrees with a high of 66 this .
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> george: acting hotspot, an unexpected
9:57 am
ride to the oakland airport, interstate 580. talking to bay area weather, a big one on the way could see a short, it doesn't look like much. >> mark: friday mid-70s should be a great evening feed the east home opener. slight chance of showers on saturday. >> darya: lots more had in the next hour on the kron 4 morning news including the latest on the hot spots. >> mark: developing story barry bonds perjury trial is underway plus we're getting word of possibly some manholes blowing up in the downtown streets we will have a live report coming up.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> reporter: top stories
10:00 am
include personal testimony happening in the perjury trial for barry bonds. the report coming up. emergency proclamations for some cities after the latest storm created major flooding and damage. the news at 10:00 a.m. starts now. i am just been monday march 28th, 2011. all look from our roof camera. our days off to a sunny start. >> louisa: everybody has a smile on the face today because the weather is shaping up. things will continue to get warmer, by midweek we could actually feel like some are out there. we go from winter weather to summer weather. we drive this afternoon and we will see all lot more sunshine. we get the
10:01 am
big warmup by mid-week. by now the radar is dry lake across the board. staying in the '40's and 50's. satellite shows temperatures warming up slightly today, for about we do see that warmup kicking into high gear mid-week. it looks looks liklike temperatures will warm up this week. upper 60s tomorrow, wednesday '70s, thursday that is the day bringing temperatures and to the '80s. an abundance of sunshine stretching through the work week. cooling off friday am bringing in the next chance of rain saturday. >> erica: we have hot spots around the bay area, emergency
10:02 am
road work. that structure red seeing speeds down to 17 mi. an hour period that backed up now stretching almost to the toll plaza. slowing go conditions, keep this in mind if you're headed to the oakland airport expect delays. another hot spot on our traffic maps sig alert, it is the question on whether it is on the southbound or the northbound. either way lanes are blocked. slowing go conditions in both directions was speeds in the single digits. no problem if you're headed in the westbound direction of the bay bridge this morning, metering lights have been cycled off. no back up on the cash lanes with a drive time of about 11 minutes from the foot of the maze towards fremont streets in francisco. crosstown freeways,
10:03 am
rate were 1 01 meets the 80 split. good conditions tracking top speeds of about 16 minutes from this camera shot. >> reporter: the big story, back to court for barry bonds. his mistress kimberly bell, and former trainer are testifying today. last week the u.s. anti- dumping agency took the stand for more than four hours of testimony on human growth hormone. talking about the changes to the body. prosecutors allege his feet, hands, head all room. we will follow the perjury trial on kron 4. the cleanup begins after last week's storms. capitola is the hard-hit area so
10:04 am
much so they have issued an emergency proclamation in the wake of flash floods. >> craig: it is going well, tobacco is working. a lot of work cleaning things up. it looks on the surface to be fine. a closer look you can see a lot of stuff like this on the sidewalks. it comes from the buildings, showing you some pictures of what it's been like inside. damage to a dry wall as well as merchandise. business owners at a loss as to what they are one to do to recover from this. some lost 10,000, $50,000 worth of damage they said they would rely on flood insurance but you can get that here in capitola. >> it's of floods on you can get it. one senses that. because it
10:05 am
was not a natural flood we may be able to make a claim. just for the interior of the merchandise. >> craig: they hoped the city came get federal dollars to help them. they are hoping to get federal money to fix the pipe that broke that causes problems. they are cleaning up wreckage like you see here. are rolled up carpet, certainly a lot more carpet. more expensive step has been damage as well. they hoped the insurance companies or federal dollars will help to get them out of this mess. >> reporter: you know will be expensive. another effect from the storm rocks lights and mud slides. in forcing the evacuation order in san pablo, they will remove trees as they
10:06 am
are a threat to of falling and damaging homes. a pipe bomb hidden in a newspaper exploded sunday a. the man picked up the newspaper in his driveway when the bomb exploded. he was airlifted to hospital with unknown injuries. it forced the evacuation of the surrounding homes they are investigating. we are just getting started at 10:00 a.m. new video out of libya and new information on the crisis. we will look to you on what's happening there after the break.
10:07 am
10:08 am
10:09 am
>> reporter: 10 and 9:00 a.m. a look at this 7 day around bay. it will make you smile if you like the sun and warm temperatures. we have eighties possible for thursday. just in,
10:10 am
san francisco fire department responding to reports of manhole covers that blew off at grand avenue and post. they have the area roped off pg&e is responding to a reporter is on the way. also new video out of the middle east. a massive sandstorm take a look here, a huge cloud of dust blows through kuwait. it was strong enough to reach neighboring countries. visitors landing more warned to expect a dusty conditions until tomorrow. libyan rebels forces are closing in on gadhafi's home town. the town was targeted for the first time by international airstrikes. witnesses say they could hear bombings in the morning but there's no fighting in the streets or signs of rebel
10:11 am
forces. turkey's prime minister says he will take over running the airport to facilitate the transport of humanitarian aid into libya. we will air president barack obama is a dress live this afternoon the president will insist u.s. leadership was essential. he will stress nato and arab allies are taking the lead. they will play a role in the operation that could last for months. the addresses that for 30 p.m. you can watch it here on kron 4. still ahead we wanna give you more reformation on the manhole covers that are reported to come off on streets. as i said crews are there expect more from asia. a live look at the james lick, traffic is moving
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> reporter: a landslide sent a boulder crashing down. two large boulders came tumbling down in a rockslide of a long 10th ave. one boulder fell on a car, the other one fell inches away from another car. nobody was hurt. out of santa cruz, of your shot this yesterday morning. there was a lot of flooding, the roadway covered in mud and debris. no significant damage but it still looks like river. the sun is coming out phyllis in. >> louisa: all this snow fall in
10:16 am
the sierra, we have rainfall totals as well. in the 70 pass seven days 3 in. of rain. 3 in. in san rosa, into napa, most locations of upwards of 2 in. of rain. storm tracker 4 is a bit different staying dry. keeping dry through the remainder their work week. temperatures warming up in to the '50s. 53 in hayward, and into fremont. radar shows it will warm up as we head through the afternoon today. we continue with the warming trend bringing '80s into the picture. we're talking about beach weather mid-week. we will bring highs into the '60s for this afternoon 66 concord, 595
10:17 am
francisco, temperatures around the bay in the '60s and around the coast 66 for san jose. watch the temperatures climbed each day this week warming to the upper 60s by tomorrow, '70s by tomorrow, '80s by thursday. that is not a typing error that is the right temperature. >> erica: we are warming up in the traffic center as well. we have some hot spots. southbound direction of the nimitz freeway rate at embarcadero we have emergency work way going on. traffic has backed up, their red indicating speeds of 16 mi. an hour. if you're headed in the southbound direction possibly toward the oakland airport expect major delays. that is not our only hot spot, southbound direction of 880 we did have an
10:18 am
accident that has been cleared from the scene. slowing go conditions in the southbound direction of a 83 san jose. our camera everything looks good in walnut creek 680 we were tracking is on hot spot in the atm our certainly not the case right now. traffic flowing freely in the southbound conditions. westbound 24 is a clear shot in towards macarthur maze. >> reporter: 10:18 a.m. world news first it was radioactive water now is plutonium detected. they are racing to fall about contaminated water that is suspected of sending radioactive levels soaring. it could take weeks to get it under control because the water must be removed and stored before working continued to restore the
10:19 am
regular cooling system. that plutonium was a small amount and does not pose are rest to public health. rain water in massachusetts has been found to have increased levels of radiation. officials say the source is the crippled nuclear plant in japan appeared ill levels are low, on likely to cause health problems but it will continue to test. another earthquake strikes japan and triggered a tsunami alert. the camera is shaking when the 6.5 quake hit. it happened yesterday afternoon, no reports of injuries or damage. coming up on kron 4, we will keep you updated on the situation about the manhole covers. in san francisco we will be right back.
10:20 am
mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate baconalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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10:22 am
>> reporter: a developing story
10:23 am
crews have blocked off streets in san francisco after manhole covers were blown off. >> will: they are focusing on this interest section crews there a manhole cover exploded at 9:30 a.m., this is video closer to the scene. the latest information is that something happened to the wire underground that shortage, causing an explosion. the man whole did not go flying across the air. it flopped over and went on to its top. they are trying to figure out what caused this circucircuo short out. we don't know how long take to fix it. they have
10:24 am
redundancy systems that has powerful in intact what is not intact as you can see, it is a traffic nightmare. not only can't you cross that intersection because they have tapped the trucks to get close to the scene and more on the problem. they also have blocked off this upper section because they need to make sure the crews can get through. that is why it is slowing go through here. >> reporter: good to hear nobody was hurt. if your in that area today you may 10 avoid that. today is anniversary of the worst nuclear disaster eight in the united states history. the core of the three mile island plant had a partial meltdown. when the crisis ended five days later there was relatively small amounts of radiation that habit escape from the plant. nobody
10:25 am
was immediately hurt. it is marked by a vigil every year and a share is to honor japan's. evacuation of homes in ohio. the accident halt throwing 100 cars off the tracks near columbus. one tank car was caring ammonia and may have been leaking. emergency workers estimate it could take two days to clean up. has that crew went out to access the situation. a snake is on lewis, the bronx zoo has closed its reptile house. it is believed it is an isolated part of the building, that's because the officials say snakes are not comfortable in open spaces. the reptile house will remain closed until they find a snake. they just put out food maybe in the snake will come out. coming up
10:26 am
we will bay you updated on your forecast if you like this and this is for you. we will keep you updated on the barry bonds perjury trial.
10:27 am
10:28 am
>> reporter: 10:28 a.m., a beautiful sunny blue sky. walnut creek and the traffic is moving nicely for this time of the day. we all have an update on the hot spots and a second. but first let's find out what's happening weather wise. i think you're pulling an early april fool's joke on us with these eighties. >> louisa: when you see 80 degree temperatures it seems like a joke. but it is not a joke. this is actually how warm it will get. lots of sunshine is
10:29 am
in store for us. conditions are drying out clearing by this afternoon. the warm-up kicks into full of your mid-week. dry right now but nothing showing up. fell will be the pattern for next week. 51 in san jose, satellite and radar shows we will have a bit of a warm-up today. that trend continues working for the week. each day we had on a few numbers to your temperatures. we will warm up thursday into the '80s. mostly sunny today, temperatures in to the upper 50s in san franciscan alsan francisco. as we head into tomorrow we will warm up more than that, coming into the upper 60s and some of the warmer
10:30 am
spots. originally we thought we would see north bay sprinkles, that will slide to the north of us. it is most likely going to stay dry by tomorrow. your afternoon highs staying in to the 60s across the board. 64 for now fog, fairfield, 59 in downtown san francisco. low sixties around the bay along the coast of 57 degrees for happen bay. you're just 7 day around bay, temperatures drop, as we head towards wednesday, thursday those will be the two days. if you wanted to the beach go do it. will the next chance of rain moves in saturday. >> erica: 1 hot spot to go. we have an emergency road work in a fact. to lane shutdowns all that red indicating speeds at or below 25 mi. an hour. this batch
10:31 am
owe have cleared up all the othr hotspots. traffic is flowing freely those metering lights have been turned off. continuing with their bridge check here, saysan mateo bridget has been nice and light all morning. no problems in either direction spirit the golden gate bridge has been problem free throughout the morning. >> reporter: we want a check in with will tran and find out what is happening after reports of manhole covers coming off near union square. we don't believe anybody has been hurt. it will probably take awhile to get things situated there. we will get him in just one moment. power has been restored to
10:32 am
yosemite after week long storm related out pitch. power lines fell and trees blocked roads but now parks services are fully operation with the exception of the campgrounds. two men died and seven people were injured sunday when a sailboat capsized just off the west end of shelter island in san diego. the injured, including three children, were taken to a nearby hospital and listed in stable condition. harbor police received an emergency call sunday evening that a sailboat had turned over off shelter island. the 25-foot boat carried nine people. the two men who died were in their 50s and 60s. authorities are investigating the cause of the accident. family members of a 24-year-old british employee reported missing from a disney cruise ship last week met with investigators sunday after the vessel returned to its home port in los angeles. rebecca coriam, of chester, england, was reported missing at sea tuesday after she failed to report for a scheduled shift on the disney wonder. the ship was on a seven- day cruise along the western coast of mexico. officials on board told the family that coriam, who had worked for the cruise line since last summer in its youth services department, made a phone call from the ship shortly before being reported
10:33 am
missing. because the disney wonder is registered in the bahamas, police there were handling the investigation. the mexican navy and the u.s. coast guard also were involved. . now we want to go to will tran hopefully he is there live when we can get a report. >> will: (inaudible) >> reporter: we are having difficulty with wells microphone. we will keep an eye
10:34 am
10:35 am
10:36 am
>> reporter: careers are in san francisco were manhole covers blowoff that will tran is there. >> will: they don't know what caused this fire, not a transformer but a wire shorted and it caused gas to build up. that caused the manhole cover to
10:37 am
explode at 9:30 a.m.. it did not fly through the arches flopped over. what they called a bar here iare. traffic is moving ale are not sure how they will open this. it is a messy situation as people are being told they cannot come down the street. i'm standing in the middle of it. they're being told to make our return. they know now how long the situation is going to blast. no power was knocked out in this area because they are redundancies system or other systems capt.. that's why the stores are happy pedestrian traffic is moving along, and power was not wiped out. >> reporter: did they give you an idea of how high the cover
10:38 am
wind? >> will: it did not fly through the area. basically it just lot over. it is right next to the manhole. it did not go anywhere. we have people underground trying to fix the problem. the reason it was shut down is even for a while that pedestrians through. they had so many trucks down here and the firefighters that's why it was shut down. i even saw an ambulance here even though was not needed. we don't know who called and theif it ca. fortunately nobody was injured. >> reporter: we will keep you updated throughout the morning here on kron 4. let's get a check on the big board. stocks are edging higher after reports
10:39 am
suggest the economic recovery is continuing. the dow is up about 34 points. new this morning consumers spend more unfed uri at the fastest pace in four months. a big pork part of the increase went to paying for higher gas prices. consumer spending rose 0.7 percent last month. personally, when up 0.3% which is the biggest in two years. both gained three selected at tax cut which boosted at take-home pay. gas prices are still a big reason for bigger spending. not cells in the housing department or not enough across the board. its index for previously occupied
10:40 am
homes rose last month. they say will be years before they fully recover. ebay is going to buy gic commerce. the acquisition will bolster connecting buyers and sellers around the world. they expect to complete the deal by the third quarter. we want to find out what's happening in the world of entertainment. maybe i'm on over/show who knows? britney spears fans showed up this weekend will bring the the
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> reporter: barry bonds were most likely not take the stand today. his physical image is the
10:43 am
top toand that top topic. she claims the falling out of his hair is the use of steroids in vacaville they are looking for a suspect that left the pipe bomb in a newspaper. i man was picking up his newspaper yesterday morning when the bomb exploded. the man was taken to hospital with and no injuries. they are unclear whether that man was targeted. officials detect plutonium outside of the nuclear power plant japan. it is the key in too greedy and in nuclear weapons found in five locations around the plant. it has been leaking radiation for two weeks. it is a small amount experts had expected traces would be detected once the
10:44 am
search for this week. of course we will keep you updated on the man whole situation in union square. the her in james lick bridge, you can see a blue sky. >> louisa: i say we go to the beach this week. here is your snow fall toddles you can either go to the beach or tahoe. alpine meadows 95 in. this is the storm total. kirkwood 159, squawk about 1 69 in. and 81 in. for sugar bowl. certainly enough to keep the season going. temperatures are in the '50s right now 52 oakland, redwood city, 54 mountain view. through the rest of the day we continue with dry weather. we will see temperatures warm up slightly from yesterday. midweek we have
10:45 am
temperatures up into the 80s in some spots in midweek. temperatures through the afternoon today, we will stay in the '60s. 64 now, fairfield, santa rosa. 61 richmond. temperatures around the bay in the low 60s, along the coast 574 have the bay. 60s in the south bay. 66 in san jose, also los gatos as well. seven day, watch as the temperatures climbed. upper 60s by tuesday, by wednesday, thursday that is the real warm up. '70s inland and the norm around the bay. thursday temperatures could jump up into the '80s. we are talking about a significant warm up by mid-week. temperatures warm under friday staying in the '70s: not by the weekend that's when we bring in the next chance
10:46 am
of rain on saturday. >> erica: tracking a hotspot in the southbound direction at embarcadero. emergency road work is taking place blocking to lanes making your way southbound feared major delays stretching off interstate 80. this is our only hot spot around the bay area. different story at the bay bridge in the westbound direction the meter lights have been cycled off. traffic is flowing freely from all the approaches no slowing up the incline and through the efforts. a look at the san mateo bridge was down 92 in good shape this morning. we have been problem free all morning long drive time of about 14 minutes across the span. if you thinking about taking the golden gate bridge we are tracking hoand autopsies. >> reporter: president barack obama will explain the libyan
10:47 am
mission today. we will get the very latest from crank black. >> reporter: the sounds of explosions and gunfire (no audio) >> reporter: you should know president barack obama is addresses that for 30 p.m. here on kron 4 we will broadcast it live. after months of negotiations governor brown special election as uncertain. gop has 50 policy and budget reforms. the wish list covered a broad range of proposals including converting public employe pension steer for one key stall plans. timed used futures state spending to inflation and moving
10:48 am
presidential primary to march instead of june. legislative leaders say they are ready to pursue options aside from gop support. the job outlook for the bay area is getting brighter. the recent survey of ceos said executive conference was 61 out of 100 spirit that is three points up according to data collected in march and february. they expect to hire new employes in the next six months. 42 percent that employ 50 people expect to hire new workers. they loved britney spears. she was in downtown semblances go yesterday. hundreds of fans waited in a long line that stretched three blocks. they
10:49 am
were there to see the pop star's free concert it comes a day before her latest release. apparently it's getting good reviews. fans could not get enough. >> i'm excited to see her she is amazing. i've seen her before. >> she's a sensational person. >> a super excited to see brady. so many people have been talking about her and mary are super super bomb to be here. >> i was hoping it would be in the castro. >> reporter: the concert was scheduled to be outdoors but there is a change in the news because of the weather. coming up on the morning news a look at the traffic report i know you are super pound for that.
10:50 am
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>> reporter: >> louisa: welcome back to kron 4. we are warming up into the 50s radar shows we will see temperatures warm up ever so slightly today. they warm up bin store by mid-week. temperatures sky rocket into the 80s in some spots. a look over the next few days. this afternoon mostly sunny with temperatures in san francisco in to the upper 50s, done in the south bay temperatures could warm up to 66 and san jose. chance of of this light sprinkle or to the north bay but it looks like at storm will push well to the north so we continue to stay dry through good portion of the work week. a
10:54 am
sunny nice looking for test. the highs today mid-60's 64 san rosa, napa, fairfield, the upper fifties recession francisco, around the bay '60s we will stay at 574 half moon bay, in the south bay 66. 7 day around the bay, temperatures continued to climb as we head through the rest of the work week. '70s by your wednesday, there is that mamagic number 80 by mid week cooling-off midweek rain and the next chance of rain saturday. >> erica: 880 rate at embarcadero we have emergency road work in fact shut down to lanes. it looks like major delays headed to set a bad direction specifically towards the oakland airport. that back up interstate 80 but aside from
10:55 am
this we are hot spot free around the bay area. westbound 80 your approach to the bay area traffic is flowing freely. tracking good speeds up the incline and along the a skirt. finally this san mateo bridge westbound in good shape. accident and incident free. no delays getting to the bridge if your direction with a good drive time of about 14 minutes. >> reporter: lets a you updated on our top stories back to court for barry bonds. his mistress kimberly belton and equipment manager are testifying today about the physical changes they witnessed in bonds. murphy says his hat size increased but that he did not have the largest hat on the team. where it talkwill s
10:56 am
bonn became increasingly irritable and had to. but authorities are searching for a suspect who planted the pipeline in newspaper which loved a man injured. the man was picking up his newspaper a history morning when the bomb exploded. he was airlifted to hospital with a known injuries. they don't know if he was targeted. one thing quickly over his last show imay 25th i. don't forget president
10:57 am
barack obama will be speaking at 4:30 p.m. and we [ male announcer ] for 5 bucks, you can get a sub. can get all this. kfc's $5 everyday meals. 5 meals, 5 bucks. choose from one of the colonel's favorites, like two pieces of original recipe. your choice of sides, biscuit and a medium drink, just 5 bucks. 5 freshly made today. 5 for 5 bucks every day. so why get a sub, when you can get a whole meal -- any day? today is a kfc day. and today tastes so good.
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